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St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House Charity Cycle

Donate Now!!!

We are very grateful to Myles Shanahan who together with friends and colleagues in Northern Trust are doing a virtual charity cycle during the month of August in memory of Myles's son Cillian.

They have set a target of 250kms but people can do whatever they feel is manageable for them, while having fun and staying within the Government covid guidelines.

If you want to donate you can do so on Fundraiser by Myles Shanahan : St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House Cycle (

or you can message Myles Shanahan on fb.

Thank You smiley

St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House Updates

St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House

A wonderful day with staff getting ready to welcome the first child for a sleep over in St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House.

We look forward to welcoming many more children in the months ahead to this beautiful respite facility built for children with physical disabilities and additional complex medical needs

A big thank you to everyone and wishing you all well smiley


For further information please contact:

Máire O’ Leary,
Kate Sheahan,
T: 061 302733

ESB Energy For Generations Fund

Thank You!!!!  smiley

We would like to thank ESB Energy for Generations Fund for their recent donation. The Fund will help create an educational sensory toy library for children coming on respite & sleepovers to St. Gabriel's Children’s Respite House.

Some of the equipment will include items such as, IPads, each with a specialised communication App. Inclusive tech/cause & effect toys, switch access toys, sensory/visual & educational toys suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

Something beautiful can come from simply playing with a switch toy to help build skills that lead on to more positive experiences and better outcomes for children with physical disabilities and complex medical needs.




Alex’s Blog

Hello my name is Alex Olsthoorn I am a LIT student studying Internet Systems Development currently on my work placement as part of my 3rd year of studies. My experience here so far at St. Gabriel’s has been outstanding, the people and the work that is done here is remarkable. My first day here I was shown around the Centre and I was told what some of my day to day tasks would consist of I was very eager to start work.

My induction covered information about the specialist services St. Gabriel’s deliver to children with disabilities and their families, these include the children’s disability network clinical team, orthotics, hydrotherapy and some information on St. Gabriel’s special school which is part of the St. Gabriel’s complex here in Dooradoyle.

I was told about the strict coronavirus guidelines that everyone follows here for example hand sanitizer stations set up in every room, masks to be on at all times and rooms limited to certain number of people.

So much happens here at St. Gabriel’s and I was surprised in to how much work, time and effort must have been put into this charity to have brought it to where it is today. I was delighted to find out that St. Gabriel’s is celebrating 60 years as a charity since it was first founded in 1961 by Arthur Crabtree.

I will do as much as I can to contribute here. As John C. Maxwell said “No task is too great, no accomplishment too grand, no dream too far-fetched for a team. It takes teamwork to make the dream work” and this really and truly highlights what happens here.

Virtual Great Limerick Run

Have you signed up yet for the Virtual Great Limerick Run 2021 St.Gabriels would be grateful for your support improving the quality of life for children with disabilities and their families.

Make sure to visit Virtual Great Limerick Run  to register.

Please contact Alex Olsthoorn for any questions Email:

Thank you.


Corporate Sponsorship

We would welcome any support you feel you can give lots of sponsorship opportunities available contact us on


Tel: +353 61 302733 

Make a donation 

60th Anniversary (1961-2021)

St. Gabriel’s is celebrating 60 years providing dedication and services to children with disabilities and their families. We would welcome your support to mark this special year please contact us for any questions we would love to hear from you.

More News will follow keep an eye on our social media pages for more updates.

Great work from Joanna Ryan and Lucy Noonan

Lucy Noonan and Joanna Ryan, two TY Laurel Hill Secondary School students recently raised awareness of Muscular Dystrophy specifically Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease a hereditary condition that can be passed on through families. With the help of St. Gabriel’s Orthotics department, Limerick, and EdserLabs, the students researched, designed and manufactured a fully-developed prototype splint using the latest 3-D printable plastic. The students are to be applauded for their commitment and empathy and we wish them well.

Thank you to the Comic Relief Fund

St. Gabriel’s School & Centre is delighted and very grateful to be awarded grant funding from the Comic Relief Fund managed by The Community Foundation for Ireland. The grant will support the work we do with children and young adults with disabilities and their families.


General Motors Limerick & GMIT, Detroit/USA supporting St. Gabriel’s.

So grateful to the wonderful staff in General Motors, Limerick  for their generous support throughout the year.
Looking forward to linking up with GMIT Detroit office on 20 November for the Geek Week Awards Ceremony.

2019 Annual Report

Click here to download the 2019 Annual Report

Click here to download the 2019 Audited Accounts

Swimming Lessons

Due to the current climate (Covid-19) we are not running our swimming lessons. 

NEW Hydrotherapy Pool Sessions Booking System

Re-introducing Hydrotherapy Pool Sessions 

We hope you are keeping well, we are delighted to announce that we are moving forwards and offering more sessions to our clients.

Going forwards our clients will only be able to use the facilities by pre booking into a session. To coincide with this we are launching a booking app/ web portal.  Please see attached some new guidelines to follow regarding Covid-19. We will also be asking you to fill in a screening form on arrival to the facility on your first session. A Contact tracing form needs to be filled on all visits. 
Please follow the instructions below to set up your account.

• Download the Glofox App
• Go into the app store on your phone/tablet/device (Android system- Play Store, Apple device- Apple Store)
• Search for Glofox                                 
•  This is the icon that will appear 
• Install to your device
• Once installed click into the app
• Search for Hydro……then click St. Gabriel’s Hydropool in the Glofox search engine
• Click to Sign up
• Add your personal details
• You will need to agree with the waiver to progress to the next stage.
You can also register via the website by following this link

Once you have done this you will have access to the booking system.  You will be able to see our calendar and what sessions are available. Sessions will be shown under 'classes' heading.

Types of Sessions: (please ensure you book the correct session) 
St. Gabriel’s Parent & Child Sessions: These sessions are for Children in attendance in St. Gabriel’s School, or who receive services from St. Gabriel’s Centre. One booking will cover both parent & child. These sessions are not for siblings. You can pay per session or buy a credit pack on the app.  (45 min Session)
Hydro: These sessions are used by both adults and children who are using the pool for Therapy & Rehabilitation purposes only. One booking covers both the user and assistant. You can pay per session or buy a credit pack on the app.  (45min session)
Family Swim: These sessions are for casual family swims, for these sessions a booking must be made for each attendee, you can use the ‘Book a Friend’ option to add family members. (each person will be charged 1credit each, Family Bundle must be purchased to book in) (30 Minute session), please note:  a one way system is in operation for these sessions. Please arrive swim ready.  
*Children must be accompanied by a competent adult at all times.

As we no longer have our viewing area in use, only those using the pool can enter the facility.
If you have any questions please email as it is essential you book into the correct session for you & that it is done so correctly.
All sessions will now be prepaid through the app, you can add a credit/debit card to your account. Glofox uses STRIPE for secure payments.

Please let us know via email ( if you had previously bought a session card with some sessions left, we will be able to add these credits to your account, once you have registered and then you will be able to book into a session using these credits.
With our new app, classes/sessions are subject to change so variations may occur from week to week.

The app will show our current timetable, you will then be able to book a place, you can make a cancelation up to 2 hours before the session, if cancellation is made later than this you will be charged.
NB : Also, within your profile on the new app you will see a notifications section, please check this regularly as you will be notified here of any changes, cancellations etc. On set up please agree to receive these when setting up your profile as we will use these to inform you of cancellations/changes etc.
If you have any further questions, please let us know.

    We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Please NOTE  that the St. Gabriel’s School Parent & Child Sessions on the APP are only for those who are attending St. Gabriel’s School & services.

Another Way of Giving - Online Donations

Delivering services to children with disabilities during Covid-19

If you are in a position to give your support to St. Gabriel’s during Covid-19 we would be very grateful


St. Gabriel’s like many other services closed their building for appointments in Mid-March, all staff are now working from home, supporting our families in many different and innovative ways.

St Gabriel’s provides services to over 650 children with disabilities and to help our families cope through Covid-19 crisis each child has been assigned a key worker.  

Each day we receive calls from parents who are overwhelmed by the very difficult and traumatic situations they are trying to cope with. Caring for children at home under the present circumstances can be difficult on any parent but caring for a child who requires 24/7 care with little or any support is almost unbearable to think of.

Therapists and nurses are phoning families to check in to see what issues are arising for them.  Therapy staff are demonstrating and implementing therapy programmes and offering practical advice and reassurance to the families. When a parent can see the therapist face to face they feel more supported in this very difficult time.

Very practical issues that have arisen for our families may have a different member of our Multi Disciplinary Team respond, for instance our nursing team may help a  family with a Peg feeding tube problem, a therapist can  sort out a problem with a wheelchair, psychologists are  talking through strategies to help a child cope with anxiety issues, and general assistance such as collecting and delivering prescriptions from the pharmacy and supplying families who have a child with ASD with a letter to show to Garda if in the event they are stopped. These families are allowed travel beyond the 2 kilometre restriction radius, it provides them with extra movement breaks which can be essential for them.

St. Gabriel’s therapy staff are supporting one such family through the use of technology.  Their daughter is 12 years old, has developmental delay issues compounded by a congenital heart condition. During cardiac surgery she suffered a stroke. She was to attend the National Rehabilitation Centre in Dún Laoghaire but was unable to do so because of Covid-19.  Our therapy staff set up a video link and  are now providing her with regular occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech and language therapy sessions as part her rehab through live video. Later in the year her parents are hoping that they will be able to bring her to the UK to a specialist rehabilitation centre.

Clinical staff are keeping in touch and have regular zoom team meetings. They are putting up resource material online as new issues come to light for the families. Our clinical staff are doing everything possible to give families the maximum level of advice and interventions to support them in their own homes during this very difficult period.

For further information please contact:

Talking to Children about COVID-19

There's a lot of news coverage about the outbreak of COVID-19 and it can be overwhelming for parents and frightening to kids. The American Academy of Paediatrics encourages parents and others who work closely with children to filter information and talk about it in a way that their child can understand. These tips can help:

  • Simple reassurance. Remind children that researchers and doctors are learning as much as they can, as quickly as they can, about the virus and are taking steps to keep everyone safe.
  • Give them control. It's also a great time to remind your children of what they can do to help – washing their hands often, coughing into a tissue or their sleeves, and getting enough sleep.
  •  Watch for signs of anxiety. Children may not have the words to express their worry, but you may see signs of it. They may get cranky, be more clingy, have trouble sleeping, or seem distracted. Keep the reassurance going and try to stick to your normal routines.
  • Monitor their media. Keep young children away from frightening images they may see on TV, social media, computers, etc. For older children, talk together about what they are hearing on the news and correct any misinformation or rumours you may hear.
  • Be a good role model. COVID-19 doesn't discriminate and neither should we. While COVID-19 started in Wuhan, China, it doesn't mean that having Asian ancestry – or any other ancestry – makes someone more susceptible to the virus or more contagious. Stigma and discrimination hurt everyone by creating fear or anger towards others. When you show empathy and support to those who are ill, your children will too.

Social Stories

There are a number of social stories and comic strips relating to COVID 19 available free online – please look at these first yourself and determine if they are suitable for your child as some are too complicated. If you need resources please do not hesitate to contact the team for same.

For children with ASD / young children:

For younger children:
Comic is also translated in Spanish, Chinese, Lithuanian, and Russian and in video format and Braille.
Also available in lots of languages.

For older children / teenagers:
Infographic on how Corona spreads and how to protect yourself.

Some Sources That Offer Free Online Teaching activities and Learning:

Hydrotherapy Pool re-opening

The team at St. Gabriel's Hydrotherapy Pool is adhering to the recommendations from the Department of Health with regard to protecting clients & Staff.

Based on these recommendations we are slowly re- phasing our reopening. 

We are now offereing Hydro sessions, these are sessions for those who wish to use the pool for Rehabilitation or Therapy purposes only.  Please see details of our new booking system on the website. 

At present we are not offering family sessions. 

Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates regarding our re-opening. 

Covid-19 update & Guidelines

Coronavirus (COVID-19) POOL  UPDATE 2021

St Gabriel's hydrotherpay Pool will reopen Tuesday the 8th of June.

We are phasing our reopening and will be accommodatiing people who need the pool for physio/therapy purposes to start. Pool sessions must be booked through our glofox booking app. A full explanation of how to download the app can be found at

We won't be offereing family swim sessions/lessons at this time.

Due to the current circumstances please do not call to the building unanounced, if you have an enquiry please contact or phone 061 302733


Please adhere to the following guidelines upon your visit to St. Gabriel's Hydropool. 

- We are adhering to HSE, Swim Ireland and Active Ireland guidelines to ensure a safe environment for our clients and staff.
- All swims must be pre-booked & payed for using our booking App through Glofox.
- Please come ‘Swim ready’ with your costume on underneath your clothing.
- Bring minimal items/belongings with you.
- Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the session beginning.
- On Entry & Exit to the building please sanitise your hands.
- We advise that you wear a face covering on arrival/exit to the building and in the changing area, where/when possible.
- On Arrival you will need to fill out a health screening form (first visit) and a contact tracing form (all visits)
- Staff will direct you to your designated changing area.
- Sanitiser and wipes are provided in the changing area to use at your convenience.
- We ask that you do not bring additional family members etc., as we have limited capacity to provide a safe environment for all, only those booked into the session via the app will have access to the pool.  We are unable to provide a viewing/waiting area at this time.
- If someone acquires additional assistance (need to bring an extra person to help with changing etc.), please inform us prior to the session.
- Shower prior to entry to the pool.
- Upon exit we ask that you only use the showers to rinse and change as quickly as possible.
- Please follow all regulations set out by the HSE and St. Gabriel’s School and Centre.
- Obey staff on duty at all times.



St. Gabriel’s Orthotics Services won ‘Best Social Enterprise of the Year 2020’

Huge congratualtions to our Orthotics services team who won 'Best Social Enterprise of the Year'. 

We are very proud of everyone on the team who does such an amazing job every day. 

We would also like to thank Social Innovation Fund Ireland for hosting the awards ceremony. 

Well done to all !!

Fundraising Ceili Night

Fundraising Ceili Night,  Friday 21 February, 9pm, Mungret GAA Clubhouse

Enjoy a night of dancing, fun and friendship

Taylors Cross Ceili Band

All sponsorship and donaitons are welcome

For further informaiton please contact Fidelma 087 8253250 or Kate 086 3872575

Get Ireland Walking with Mungrets St. Paul’s G.A.A. Club

A community walk which is in association with Operation Transformation and Ireland Lights Up. 

This event takes place every Monday and Thusday starting from the 9th of January 2020 at the Mungret St. Pauls Club house for 6 weeks. 

There is a €2 donation each night which will go towards our Respite Centre. 

Hope to see you there!

St. Gabriel’s is General Motors Charity of the Year

Great big thank you to the General Motors staff for choosing St. Gabriel's as their Charity of the Year. 

Great things will be happening soon including a bake sale, 50/50 raffle and lots more as the year progresses.

Well done to all on the GM COTY team!

Thanking all our corporate friends

Thank you to all our corporate friends for their support to St. Gabriel's in the lead up to Christmas - Dell, Analog Devices, Music Generation, Limerick Prision Services.

Visitors to St. Gabriel’s

It was lovely to welcome lots of visitors to St. Gabriel's recently.


Charity of the Year

Thank you to the General Motors COTY team for choosing St. Gabriel's as their Charity of the Year 2020.

We look forward to the partnership 

2018 Annual Report

Click here to download the 2018 Annual Report

Click here to download the 2018 Audited Accounts


Please support the Afternoon Tea & Brown Thomas Fashion Show Fundraiser, Sunday 6 October 2019 @ 3pm at The Strand Hotel.

Proceeds raised will go to the Children's Ark and St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House

Tickets €50. Please contact Noeleen McLoughlin 087 4171438 / 086 3491008


Afternoon Tea and Brown Thomas Fashion Show Fundraiser

Please support Afternoon Tea and Brown Thomas Fashion Show fundraiser, on Sunday 6 October 2019, 3pm at The Strand Hotel.

Proceeds raised will go to the Children's Ark and St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House.

Tickets €50. Enquiries welcome to Noeleen McLoughlin 087 4171438  / 086 3491008. E:

A Big Thank You to Crescent TY Students

A big thank you to all the Crescent TY students and teachers who took part in the Cook Mini Marathon on behalf of St. Gabriel's on Sunday.

We are very grateful for your support. Hope you all enjoyed the event


Cook Medical Mini Marathon

Please take part in the annual Cook Mini Marathon on 29 September 2019.  If you work in a company or local business why not encourage your friends to take part either run, walk or jog and nomiate St. Gabriel's as your chosen charity. We would be delighted with your support. Any proceeds raised will go to fit out the new Children's Respite House near Mungret.

Enquiries are welcome, please contact Kate Sheahan, St. Gabriel's Fundraising 061 302733 E:

Full race details and registration visit


Remembering Zoe & Abbeyfeale Charity Cycle

A huge huge thank you to Elisha Scannell & Remembering Zoe and Abbeyfeale Cycle Club for the donation €6,000 to St. Gabriel’s Centre.  Proceeds raised from the charity cycle were donated to three local charities.

St. Gabriel’s is sincerely grateful to Elisha and everyone who was involved in the fundraiser for this very generous gift. 


Thank you to Remembering Zoe

A huge thank you to Elisha Scannell & Rembering Zoe and Abbeyfeale Cycle Club for the very generous donation €6,000. Proceeds raised from their charity cycle in memory of Zoe were donated to three chariites recently. St. Gabriel's is very grateful to Elisha and everyone who was involved in the fundraising event.


Hydrotherapy Pool Closure

Our hydrotherapy pool is closed for summer break from August 6th to August 9th. Thank you for your ongoing support

St. Gabriel’s Orthotics Department receive top grant award from the Social Innovation Fund Ireland

St. Gabriel’s Orthotics Services facilitates just under 4,000 appointments annually. Orthotics can greatly benefit children with physical difficulties, but we also provide orthotic treatments to adults with stroke, diabetes and foot complaints.  Just last week St. Gabriel’s Orthotics department was delighted to receive a top grant award from the Social Innovation Fund Ireland.

Wonderful Work in St. Gabriel’s Orthotics Department

Please view some of the amazing work our orthotics department in St Gabriel’s do. Click on the link below:

Job Opportunity at St. Gabriel’s

Children’s Network Disability Teams

Mid-West Children’s Network Disability Team Services is a dynamic partnership formed between St. Gabriel’s Centre, Brothers of Charity, Enable Ireland, St. Joseph’s Foundation, Daughters of Charity and the Health Service Executive West.  The partnership is responsible for the provision of team based services to children with disabilities aged 0-18 years in the Mid West CHO Area 3 catchment area.

We wish to recruit the following highly motivated and enthusiastic staff member



Informal enquiries to:
Maria Gomes, Senior Clinical Psychologist
Treehouse Children’s Services, St. Gabriel’s Centre, Dooradoyle, Limerick
Tel:  061 302733 email:

Application forms, job description and job specification are available from:
Treasa McAuliffe, CDNM
St. Gabriel’s Centre, Dooradoyle, Limerick

This post will facilitate the continued implementation of PDSCYP with emphasis on optimal achievement of outcomes for children and their families. This model includes a focus on the development and enhancement of collaborative working with families, schools and pre-schools to support children with a complex disability to achieve their full potential.

Applicants must have a recognised university degree or diploma (Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) level 8 equivalent) obtained with 1st or 2nd class honours in which Psychology was taken as a major subject and honours obtained in that subject AND a recognised professional post-graduate qualification in clinical, counselling or educational psychology or an equivalent qualification validated by the Department of Health.

Applicants with a clinical or counselling psychology qualification must demonstrate that they have acquired in appropriate health settings, for  - Disability (Child and Adult), either at least 60 days or equivalent supervised clinical placements as part of the professional qualification or at least 60 days or equivalent post qualification supervised work experience as a psychologist.
Applicants with an educational psychology qualification must demonstrate that they have acquired in appropriate health settings for Child Disability, either at least 60 days or equivalent supervised clinical placements as part of the professional qualification or at least 60 days or equivalent post qualification supervised work experience as a psychologist.
Note: Combinations of supervised clinical placement experience as part of the qualification and post qualification supervised work experience within a single care group area to give a total of 60 days are not acceptable.

The 60 days of supervised placements do not have to be acquired consecutively. However no more than three separate supervised placements, each with a minimum of 20 consecutive days, should be counted to make up the sixty days. For example, a candidate could have completed three separate supervised placements of 20 days duration in different semesters, months, years etc., this would also satisfy the 60 day requirement.

Closing date for receipt of completed application form:
on or before 12.30pm, Friday 21th of July 2019

week commencing 12th August 2019

Canvassing will disqualify
St. Gabriel’s is an Equal opportunities employer



Hydropool Coffee Morning Celebration

Next Thursday morning June 13th we will be celebrating the 10th year anniversary of St Gabriel's Hydrotherapy pool! 

This is a little celebration  for our own St. Gabriel’s community to come together to mark the 10th year anniversary.  We will also be joined by some pupils and staff from St. Gabriel’s School.

Drop in to the hydrotherapy pool any time between 9:30am-12:30pm to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and birthday cake. 

Pre-Qualifier for the JP McManus Golf Pro-Am 2020

Calling all Golfers!!! 

St. Gabriel’s will hold a Pre-Qualifier for the JP McManus Golf Pro-Am 2020.
The Pre-Qualifier will be held on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May 2019 at Limerick Golf Club. 

For further information please contact:
Terry McInerney, M: 086 6026132 / E:
Kate Sheahan, St. Gabriel’s, T: 086 3872575 / E:

We hope you will take part in the Pre-Qualifier, what a great reason to support our charity!


Irish Cement in the Great Limerick Run

St. Gabriel’s Newsletter 2018

To download the St. Gabriel's Newsletter 2018 click here

St. Gabriel’s Newsletter 2018

To download the St. Gabriel’s Newsletter 2018 please click here

Opening of the Nursing Department

As you may be aware last summer we expanded and refurbished the nursing department here in St. Gabriel's School and Centre.

As children’s medical and nursing needs continue to change, our nursing department plays an even more critical role in the overall care and support of those children.

As a result of the renovation we now have a lovely, clinical, child friendly space that we can be proud of that meets the needs of the children.

On Thursday we celebrated the opening of the nursing department to acknowledge and thank the donors who supported the work. Big thanks to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed!

Fundraising Céilí in aid of St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House

A massive thank you to all who attended our Céilí last Friday night in Mungret Gaa Hall! A little over €3,000 was raised in aid of our Children’s Respite House which couldn’t have been done without the help of Fidelma, Niall, Caroline and Kate�� We hope everyone enjoyed their night!


Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Click here to download our Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Looking to Partner With a Local Charity?

Is your company looking for a charity partner? Why not consider joining the many businesses and companies partnering with St. Gabriel’s.

St. Gabriel’s relies on these partnerships to improve our services and to develop new facilities for children attending our services.

Partnering with St. Gabriel’s will provide your employees with a chance to participate in a worthwhile cause and allows you to see the immediate results of your support.

If you are looking to partner with a charity that supports and cares for children with disabilities, we would love to hear from you.

For more information, you can contact Kate at or +353 61 302733.

Wedding Favours

Getting married this year? Congratulations!

Why not consider us on your special day by donating to St. Gabriel’s in lieu of traditional wedding favours. This is a unique and more meaningful way to thank your guests, as well as giving support to great cause.
If you would like to donate to St. Gabriel’s as your wedding favour, we have promotional material available that can be displayed on the tables to represent your kind donation.
If interested, contact Kate at

Active Schools Flag

St. Gabriel’s school are working hard towards achieving our second active schools flags later this year. We have been running a series activities for maths week, science week, Halloween, and Christmas.We will have more events to come during the year.

We are delighted to let you know that we have new physical literacy team made up of students and staff in bluebell, poppy, and buttercup classes. 

Fundraising Céilí  St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House

A fundraising céilí in aid of St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House will be held in Mungret GAA Clubhouse on Friday 22nd of February 2019, starting at 9pm.Get your dancing shoes on and join us for a night of fun!

For more céilí information contact Fidelma on 0878253250. You can also email Kate at .

See you there!  

‘Alice in Wonderland’ The Panto!

We are so excited to be chosen as the charity partner in association with the Limerick Panto Society's production of Alice in Wonderland on 2nd January 2019. Get your tickets by calling us on 061 302733. You can also email Kate at See you there!


Adult Ticket: €15

Child/OAP Ticket: €12

Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2 Children): €50

Social Enterprise of the Year 2018 - Charity Impact Awards


St. Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy Pool (under St. Gabriel’s School & Centre) was delighted to be shortlisted for the Charity Impact Awards as Social Enterprise of the Year 2018!

Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their day to vote for us and spread the word, it means the world! We cannot believe the support we received.

Since it opened in 2009, St. Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy Pool continues to benefit many disability, voluntary and community groups. The pool was purpose-built for therapy and rehabilitation and is an accessible, affordable and inclusive community-based facility.


Quiz Night for St. Gabriel’s

Shannon Dragon's are hosting a table quiz in aid of St. Gabriel's Thursday 29th November at 7:30pm in Fennessy's Pub, New St. Tables of 4 (€10 PER PERSON). Join us for a night of fun and facts and support St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House! See you there!

Christmas Ladies Lunch 2018

This year's Christmas Ladies Lunch will take place on Friday 23rd November in the Savoy Hotel. We are delighted to say this event is now fully booked out and we hope it will kickstart the festive season!

2017 Annual Report

Click here to download the 2017 Annual Report

Regeneron Day for Doing Good 2018

St. Gabriel's received a lovely treat from Regeneron this Halloween! Two teams of volunteers visited us over two days as part of Regeneron's Day for Doing Good. One group cleaned up our outdoor spaces including our sensory garden and car park, removing fallen leaves, weeds and planting gorgeous flowers along our driveway. The second group deep-cleaned our hyrdotherapy pool and changing rooms. St. Gabriel's is now sparkingly clean thanks to your hard work! 

Hannah’s First Marathon

A massive congratulations to Hannah Collins from St. Gabriel's Nursing Department who took part in the Dublin City Marathon on Sunday 28th October; running to raise some much needed funds for St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House. This respite house is an essential requirement for families with children with complex disabilities which will allow them to access short term, emergency or overnight respite breaks. You can still donate by clicking here

Well done Hannah from all at St. Gabriel's!


To read more about our respite house, click here


Open House Limerick 2018

St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House will be open for the public to view for the first time this Sunday 21st October as part of Open House Limerick 2018.

Open House is an international initiative to foster a better understanding of architecture outside the profession. Over the weekend, you can explore private buildings, spaces and projects across the region; with talks and tours by architects and designers.

You can explore the respite house by means of guided tours taking place between 11am-2pm. Last entry is 1:30pm. Please note that this is not an official opening of the respite house.

We hope you can make it!

Click here for more information on Open House.

Liam MacCarthy Cup and West County Cup Visit

We were delighted to welcome the Liam MacCarthy Cup to St. Gabriel’s on Tuesday 9th October! We were also visited by some Junior Ladies All-Ireland winning players along with the West County Cup! Just another day at St. Gabriel’s! 

80’s Night

St. Gabriel's School Parent and Teacher Association present their 80's night of great music and entertainment this Friday 5th October at the Savoy Hotel! The night will be hosted by James Sexton; DJ and events & games organiser, and promises to be good fun! Funds raised on the night will go towards the school’s recently built and refurbished sensory areas.

Tickets are available at the door on the night from 7pm or from St. Gabriel’s School.

See you there! 


Cook Medical Women’s Mini Marathon

We had a great day on Sunday 30th September at UL for the Cook Medical Women's Mini Marathon! A huge thank you and well done to the Crescent Comp TY girls who took part on behalf of St. Gabriel's! 

Crescent College Visit to St. Gabriel’s

We had a great visit from Crescent transition year students today. They are taking part in the Cook Medical Women's Mini Marathon this Sunday 30th September on behalf of St. Gabriel's. The students had a tour of the school and centre; with talks from our school principal, John Murphy and our head of fundraising, Kate Sheahan. The students saw the school gym, a sneak peek of our new sensory room & nursing department, one of our therapy rooms and the hydrotherapy pool. The students also watched St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House video featuring the Quinlan family which you can watch here

If you would like to donate to St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House fund, click here.

St. Gabriel’s Fundraising Benefit Night at the Dogs

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our Fundraising Benefit Night at Limerick Greyhound Stadium on Saturday 22nd September! We had a great night, raising money for St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House. 

With over 100 children in the mid-west region with physical disabilities and complex medical conditions, their families are desperate for a respite facility. Providing regular overnight respite breaks is a vital form of intervention which offers the best possible means of support to these parents and families. 

Special thanks to our Greyhound Committee, Dan & Tom Morrissey, Aisling Lyons, our Irish dancers from Scoil Rince Staic, Scoil Uí Nualáin, Fleming Ball School of Dance, Bennis School of Irish Dancing, Scoil Rince Uí Bhriain and Scoil Rince Uí Ruairc. Thank you to our volunteers from UL for lending a helping hand with our Kid's Corner and setting up the stadium for the night. 

If you would like to support St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House, you can donate to our GoFundMe page here


St. Gabriel’s Fundraising Benefit Night Launch

We had a great launch on Saturday 1st September for our Fundraising Benefit Night at Limerick Greyhound Stadium. Come along on Saturday 22nd September for a night of family fun, entertainment, music and finger food all for a great cause. Get your tickets here: Under 16s go FREE. Funds raised from the night will go towards the development of our respite house. We look forward to seeing you on the night!

Congratulations to the Limerick All-Ireland Hurling Champions!

Well done to the Limerick Senior Hurling team on beating Galway to become All-Ireland Hurling Champions 2018! We are so proud of the team, especially former St. Gabriel's employee, Nickie Quaid! 

St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House Fund

If you would like more information about St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House development or to donate to our Go Fund Me page, click here. All donations, no matter how small, are gratefully received.

Have a look at this video, featuring Maia and her family, who, like many other families in the region, will benefit from having respite available to them in the future.

Thank you for your generous support.

Dolores’s Garden Party

We had a lovely day at Dolores's Garden Party on Saturday 21st July. The day was a great success, raising much needed funds for St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House. If you would like to get involved and support St. Gabriel's, you can donate to our Go Fund Me page here. Thank you for your continued support. 

St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House Fundraising Campaign Launch

The fundraising campaign for St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House was successfully launched on the 16th of July in the Savoy Hotel. A sincere thank you to everyone who attended and supported us on the night!

St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite house is about time!

It’s about the very special time that children with the most complex disabilities, some with life limiting conditions will get to spend in our new respite centre situated in Mungret, on the outskirts of Limerick City. Here they will be cared for by experienced nursing and health-care staff.

It’s about time these children had their own special place, their club, their space, their home away from home. A happy place, where they can have fun away from their parents and enjoy being with other children.

It’s about time that parents had somewhere to turn to, especially in times of necessity, if a parent is sick or hospitalised, attending a family occasion or just when they need to spend time with other children in the family.

This beautifully designed six bedroom house will provide a place for families to access short term, emergency or overnight respite breaks. Parents will feel secure in the knowledge that their child will be loved and cared for in this home away from home.

Support the cause, donate today at

St. Gabriel’s Summer Swim Camps

St. Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy pool is holding its annual summer swim camps!

They are running from 16th – 20th July and from 20th – 24th August. The camps are €75 and run from 9:30am - 2pm each day with a mixture of pool and outdoor activities. They are for children aged from 5 to 8 years and aimed at beginners.

Spaces are filling fast so if you are interested, please contact the pool at or call (061) 302733 to book your place now!.

Northern Trust Presentation

Congratulations to Northern Trust for completing their fundraising cycle from their Dublin office to their Limerick office in aid of St. Gabriel’s in May. A massive €13,476 was raised and presented to St. Gabriel's. It will be put towards our new sensory room in the school. Many thanks for your kindness and generosity. We are incredibly grateful. 

If you and your company would like to organise a fundraising event for St. Gabriel's, please contact Kate Sheahan at or +353 61 302733. We would be delighted to have your support.

Dell Volunteer Day

St. Gabriel’s was delighted to welcome the Dell Supply Chain team of volunteers for a recent visit. They were put straight to work with some gardening and weeding, as well as some painting and decorating on the side for good measure. Your help is greatly appreciated. Many hands make light work! 

If your company would like to work with us, please contact Kate Sheahan at or +353 61 302733

Partner with St. Gabriel’s

Why Support us?


We are continuously working to improve existing services and develop new facilities to improve the lives of children with disabilities.

We cannot do this alone and so we need your support and co-operation in a variety of ways.

We would like to engage with local businesses seeking to enhance their social responsibility and bring pride to their communities to create a mutually beneficial relationship between our organisation and your company. Our fundraising department will work with your company and employees to generate ideas and a suitable programme to meet your company’s charitable goals.

If you are looking to partner with a charity that supports and cares for children with disabilities, please contact Kate Sheahan at or +353 61 302733  to find out more.

We would be delighted to have your support, whether it be on a once-off event or a long-term journey to improve the lives of children with disabilities.

Northern Trust Charity Cycle

St. Gabriel’s is very grateful to Northern Trust who have generously nominated St. Gabriel’s as their chosen charity to benefit from their fundraising cycle. The cycle will take place on the 24th and 25th of May and will stretch from Dublin to Limerick.  All funds raised by Northern Trust will go towards St. Gabriel’s Sensory Room fit out. If you would like to donate go to

Draíocht Donation

Many thanks to Draíocht Art Gallery and Shop, Adare for their very generous donation to St. Gabriel's with funds raised from the Adare Plein Air competition in August 2017. 

Ladies Lunch 2018

We would like to thank our sponsors, the people who organised tables and our guests for attending the St. Gabriel’s fundraising Ladies Lunch which was held recently in the Dunraven Arms. We are pleased to let you know that €23,480 was raised on the day due to your exceptional support. Proceeds from the Lunch will be used to develop St. Gabriel’s Respite House Project. It will provide short-term and overnight accommodation for children with a complex disability and high medical needs who require specialist nursing care. Special thanks to our Ladies Committee for organizing the event and Mary Quinlan for her inspirational speech on the day. It was an enjoyable occasion for all!

St Gabriel’s Golf Classic 2018

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s St. Gabriel’s Golf Classic: Westpark Shannon! They took home the Punch Bowl Trophy with a score of 94 points. Well done!

Thank you to all of our teams and sponsors for taking part in and/or supporting the classic. A great day was had by all.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, the event raised a little over €17,000 which will be used to fund our new Respite House in Mungret, as well as some other projects we are undertaking at present to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities in our services.

Bon Secours Hospital Great Limerick Run

On behalf of St. Gabriel’s we are asking you to take part in the Bon Secours Hospital Great Limerick Run on Sunday 6 May. The event brings great excitement to the streets of Limerick and has three different races, a marathon, a half marathon and a 6 mile making it suitable for everyone no matter what age.
This event is a great way of challenging yourself as well as raising funds for a worthwhile charity. Your funds would be greatly appreciated and would be put towards the development of one of our ongoing projects,
• St. Gabriel’s school sensory room fit-out.
• Our 6 bedroom respite house development near Mungret
• The refurbishing of St. Gabriel’s existing nursing department.
It’s thanks to the support of people like you that we can move forward with these projects and continue to support children with disabilities to reach their potential and live their life in a dignified manner.
If you or your company/business is interested in taking part in the Great Limerick Run on behalf of St. Gabriel’s simply register at then contact Kate at or 061 302733. We hope to hear from you!


Limerick Bar Association Visit

St. Gabriel's was delighted to welcome representatives from the Limerick Bar Association to the centre for a recent visit. We are very grateful for their donation which will be put towards the fit out of a new sensory room in St. Gabriel's School.

Respite House

St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House Admission Policy and Referral Form, click here.

St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House Referral Form, click

St. Gabriel’s Children’s Respite House

If you would like to donate to St. Gabriel's Children's Respite House Fund, click here.

All donations, no matter how small, are gratefully received.


It’s about the very special time that children with the most complex disabilities, some with life limiting conditions will get to spend in our new respite centre situated in Mungret, on the outskirts of Limerick City. Here they will be cared for by experienced nursing and health-care staff.

It’s about time these children had their own special place, their club, their space, their home away from home. A happy place, where they can have fun away from their parents and enjoy being with other children.

We wish to convey our sincere thanks to the JP McManus Invitational Golf Pro Am committee for their outstanding generosity and to each and every person who has contributed in one way or another to this project.

Time for care. Time for love. Time to recharge. Time to feel secure. Time to be happy.



Time to Give

We would like to engage with you to create a meaningful partnership at a level that suits your company or business CSR goals. Please support our work through any fundraising activity of your choice or through donor giving, gift-in-kind, planned giving and grant aid towards specific projects. Your support will make a lasting difference.

€100 +
Garden furniture, garden lighting, raised garden beds;  fun wall graphics; subscription for broadband/TV; slings for hoists.

Drug trolley; white goods;  smart tv; hi low specialist beds with sides; shower chair; kitchen table and chairs; sofa and armchairs; medical sinks;

Postural chairs; overhead hoists; shower trolley; built in furniture for bedrooms, den, playroom and family room

Height adjustable spa bath; fit out of clinical and sluice rooms

Sponsor a complete bedroom fitout

Sponsor the plant room for piped oxygen and suction to all rooms in the house

Time to be Inspired
Imagine having a room or an area in the respite house named after a loved or having your company or business name associated with one of the rooms. We will have a dedicated space to acknowledge all our sponsors and supporters.

For further information please contact:
Máire O’ Leary,
Kate Sheahan,
T: 061 302733

Limerick Thomond Rotary Club Visit

St. Gabriel's were delighted to welcome Limerick Thomond Rotary Club to the centre for a visit.

UL President Visit

St. Gabriel’s was delighted to welcome UL president Dr Des Fitzgerald to the centre yesterday for a visit. We look forward to further developing the relationship between UL and St. Gabriel’s in the future.

Analog Devices

A big thank you to Analog Devices who presented St. Gabriel's with a donation at their recent charity awards ceremony.


John Sisk & Son Builders

Thanks to the Directors and staff of John Sisk & Son Builders 


UL Christmas Community Celebration

A big thanks to the President of UL and staff for the generous donation at the UL Christmas Community Celebration



Michael Noonan TD turning the sod on St. Gabriel’s Respite House Development

Michael Noonan TD turning the sod on St. Gabriel's Respite House Development on the grounds of the former Mungret College


boogie4PayBack 12 hour international charity danceanthon day supporting St. Gabriel’s took place yesterday, it was an enjoyable occassion supporting a worthy cause

St. Gabriel’s Early Intervention Team Children’s Christmas Party 2017

St. Gabriel’s Early Intervention Team Children’s Christmas Party will take place this year on Tuesday 12 December. Our thanks to Dell, Music Generation and Limerick Prison Services for their sponsorship.

2016 Annual Report

Click here to download the 2016 Annual Report

Ladies’ Lunch 2017

A great thanks to all those who attended the St. Gabriel's Ladies' Lunch last Friday including the organising committee, our donors, sponsors and prize givers. St Gabriel's is very grateful to you all for your loyal support. We wish you all a very happy Christmas

Brown Thomas Gift Wrapping

A big thank you to Brown Thomas for nominating St. Gabriel's as one of their beneficiaries for this years gift wrapping initiative. Pop along to Brown Thomas for your gift wrapping and make a donation. Thanks to everyone who is supporting this wonderful cause, it's what Christmas is all about

Savoy Hotel Hosts St. Gabriel’s Christmas Fundraising Ladies’ Lunch

Thanks to the Ladies Committee for organising this years St. Gabriel's Christmas fundraising Ladies' Lunch which will take place on November 24. And a thank you to the Savoy Hotel for setting up a magnificent venue

St. Gabriel’s Wedding Favour Cards

If you are planning your wedding and are thinking about choosing a local charity in lieu of wedding favours, please consider St. Gabriel's for your special day. Your donation will go towards the St. Gabriel's children's respite fund 

Happy Halloween

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween from everyone here at St. Gabriels!

Ladies’ Lunch

We are delighted to announce that the St. Gabriel's annual Christmas fundraising lunch on November 24 is completely booked up. We greatly appreciate all of our supporters and friends of St. Gabriel's who support this event which marks the start of the Christmas season. A big thanks to the organising committee for all the work they have done in planning the event!

Glenstal Abbey School Fun Run/Walk

A massive thanks to Glenstal Abbey School for taking part in a 5k Fun Run / Walk in aid of St. Gabriel's earlier this month. We greatly appreciate the effort put in by all those who were involved!

Crescent College Comprehensive TY Girls get ready for Cook Medical Marathon

A big thanks to Crescent College Comprehensive Transition Year girls for coming to visit us last Tuesday. They will take part in Cook Medical womens mini marathon on behalf of St. Gabriel's. The proceeds will go towards the construction of our new Respite Centre. Best of luck with training for it!


St. Gabriel’s Annual Greyhound Benefit Night

A big thanks to the Irish Dancers from Fleming Ball, Scoil Rince Staic and Scoil Rince Uí Ruairc who performed brilliantly at our recent fundraiser. We would also like to thank Tom Morrissey, Captain of the All-Ireland winning Limerick u21 team for coming along with the winning trophy.

Annual Greyhound Benefit Night

Book your Places at the Races.
St. Gabriel’s 8th Greyhound Benefit Night on Saturday 16 September @7.30pm at Limerick Greyhound Track.
Purchase your ticket now directly from St. Gabriel’s!
Proceeds from the event will go towards the building of our new Children’s Respite Centre, which is our main fundraising project at the moment.
Overall it will be a fantastic night, bring your family and friends to the greyhound track, whilst supporting a worthwhile cause. Your generous support will be of lasting value to both children and their families.
Bookings: T: 061 302733 but don’t forget to book in advance and mention St. Gabriel’s.
Please note: Only funds generated from pre-sold tickets will go directly to St. Gabriel’s. Tickets bought at the door on the night will not benefit St. Gabriel’s.
Please call (086 3872575) or e-mail Kate Sheahan @


Greyhound Benefit Night Launch

We were delighted Minister Patrick O’Donovan TD launched the St. Gabriel’s Benefit night. He acknowledged the great work that is done in St. Gabriel’s for children with disabilities in the region. On the night the Minister was joined by Senator Maria Byrne, members of our voluntary fundraising committee and some children and families who attend St. Gabriel’s services. 


Adare en plain air art competition

St Gabriel's was delighted to be associated with Adare en plain air, art competition. A big thank you to Andrew Timoney, Draiocht Art and Craft gallery, Adare for nominating St Gabriel's and well done to all the winners.


Roy Keane Visit

It was a great day here at St. Gabriel's last week when we were lucky enough to get a visit from Roy Keane. It was a fantastic experience for us and very enjoyable for all those who attended!


Dolores’s Coffee and Garden Day

A special mention of thanks to Dolores for hosting the wonderful fundraising coffee day in her beautiful garden, where a little over €2000 was raised. We would like to convey our sincere thanks to everyone who came along to show their support and raise money towards the purchase of a Motomed. This is a specialised therapy device designed to enable regular movement training for children with physical limitations. It was a lovely occasion made even more special because of this beautiful garden.


Sellors Solicitors come to St. Gabriel’s

Thank you to Derek Walsh and Orla Clancy from Sellors Solicitors who came on a recent visit to St. Gabriel’s.  Also in the picture is Charlie MacDonnell, St. Gabriel’s Board member

St.Gabriel’s School

St. Gabriel’s School & Centre is located in Dooradoyle Limerick. We are a school for children with physical/multiple disabilities and are one of only five similar schools in the country. The age range of the children who attend our school is 4 – 18 yrs, primary and post-primary levels. The pupil/teacher ratio is 6:1, with support from our SNAs. The children have access to all relevant therapies during school hours, including O.T., physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, hydrotherapy and nursing support.

St.Gabriel’s Centre

St.Gabriel’s Centre provides two teams of highly qualified clinical specialists who deliver a range of essential health-related therapies and interventions. Up to 600 children with multiple disabilities from within the region attend St.Gabriel’s Centre on an outpatient basis.

St.Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy Pool

St.Gabriel’s hydrotherapy pool opened in 2009.The pool was designed for therapy and rehabilitation purposes in particular to meet the very specific needs of children with disabilities. It has gone from strength to strength over the years. It has evolved into an outstanding social enterprise and is an essential resource used by many adults and children from voluntary, community and disability groups within the region.

St.Gabriel’s School & Centre, Springfield Drive, Dooradoyle, Limerick, Ireland T: +353 61 302733 E:
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